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Prague Labs is a progressive software company on a mission to provide simple solutions for complex needs to businesses in Europe and the United States.

Located at the heart of Europe, Prague Labs has access to highly skilled resources in all areas of software development at affordable cost that is efficiently managed by experts situated in target markets.

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Paul Tesar

Living in between The United States and Europe, Paul is often regarded as global citizen. Paul developed special interest in information technology early on in the childhood. Paul turned his passion into career during studies at the University of Tennessee when he made a social website for children in primary schools. After the studies Paul created the Universal Entity Framework system that was the founding block for his ventures in corporate as well as startup worlds in the United States and Europe, that ultimately served as foundation for Prague Labs.

Jan and Martin had been Paul’s lifelong friends with common interests in technology, internet and business - it was inevitable that one day they would start a venture together as partners. In Prague Labs, Paul fulfils the needs for problem solving, business planning, systems architectures, software development and relationships with clients.

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Jan Pospíšil

Jan has always been passionate about programming, design, mobile technology, music and film making. With creative talents and education in Information Technology at University of Economics in Prague, Jan has developed high competence in project management and creative works that he has applied in numerous projects.

Jan started many ventures that allowed him to pursue his interest and passion, most notably, he has co-founded a successful online publishing company that has significant following in the Czech Republic. Jan knew Martin and Paul since secondary school, Prague Labs was a the first project in which Jan, Paul and Martin joined forces. In Prague Labs, Jan’s main responsibilities are project management and cooking the perfect user experience for your software.

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Martin Pultzner

Martin is a world traveller and adventurer with special interest in technology, online media and business. With the education in law at Charles University in Prague, Martin has strong knowledge and competence in business administration that he has applied in several successful ventures.

Martin has co-founded many projects that well suited his interests and passion, most notably, the publishing company that issues one of the biggest technology web magazines in Central Europe. Martin’s endeavours brought him together with Paul and Jan, that ultimately transpired into the creation of Prague Labs. In Prague Labs, Martin facilitates the business administration, accounting, and fulfills the legal needs of the company.

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