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2018 | Bubenik Partners International SE | Website
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Mr. Bubeník is the founder and managing partner of Bubenik Partners, and a well known businessman. His company, Bubeník Partners, specializes in human resources with a focus on pairing established experts with prestigious job offers. The company works with carefully selected candidates to provide invaluable services such as coaching and mentoring, to ensure proper and successful career placement. Bubeník Partners understands that in this modern world, reputation and personal referrals are very important. And as such, professional websites and online brand awareness are necessary.


Bubeník Partners gave Prague Labs free rein in the design proposal. We knew that Mr. Bubenik is a charismatic person, so we organized a photo shoot with him to capture that personality trait. We coordinated the efforts between our graphic designer and our photographer to maximize the results, and the outcome was a set of handsome and tasteful portraits. The website itself was designed with a dark and rich palette, contrasting colours, and an intuitive scrolling interaction. The final product effectively captures the charisma and personality of Mr. Bubenik, and successfully showcases the business which he founded. Take a look at bubenikpartners.com to see what we mean.