2016 | 24net s.r.o. | Web Design & Custom Publishing System


fDrive.cz is a brand new online media outlet specializing in the innovation and future of the automotive industry. fDrive.cz publishes daily videos, reviews, and article coverage of the latest news and trends in the automotive industry with a focus on electric cars and vehicles with alternative power sources.

fDrive.cz needed to create new brand design, logo, and website to establish its presence online.

Website & Design

We created a new logo that invoked a feeling of perpetual motion of hi-tech automobiles, giving fDrive.cz appropriate identity. On the website, we strongly focused on modern look and feel, SEO performance and responsive design to guarantee a pleasant experience to readers on mobile devices as well as computer screens. In addition, we considered the need for an online advertisement that is the primary revenue stream for the outlet, we optimized the website layout to maximize the advertisement potential without obstructing the content.

Publishing system

We developed a sophisticated system that manages and automates outlet publishing and operation processes. The key features of the system are fully streamlined article publishing, detailed catalog of automobiles, lottery game system, advertisement management, user control, integrated accounting and editor compensation system.